Tihar (Deepawali) 2020 - Festival | Details | History and Origin | Explanations | Wishes & Greetings


         Tihar/Deepawali 2020

Tihar is a standout amongst the second most important festival for Hindus in Nepal .Tihar also known as Deepawali , is a five day long Hindu festival celebrated primarily in Nepal.

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The festival begins with Kaag Tihar in Trayodashi of Kartik Krishna Paksha and ends with Bhai Tika in Dwitiya of Kartik Sukla Paksha every year.This celebration is likewise called the celebration of lights. 

1st day Kaag Tihar

Kaag Tihar is the day of the crow, the informant of Yama is worshipped. 
Crow kaag tihar nepali festival 2076

2nd day Kukur Tihar,

Kukur Tihar is for worshipping the dogs as the agents of Yama.
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3rd day is Gai Tihar and Laxmi  Puja. 

On this day cow is offered prayers and food in the morning, and Goddess Laxmi is offered elaborate prayers and puja in the evening.

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Deusi Bhailo

In the evening many Nepali children and young men go house to house singing Tihar songs (Deusi ,bhailo) and bestowing blessings, whereupon the residents of the house give money in return.
Deusi bhailo nepali festival 2076

Bhailo is primarily for female and Deusi for male. However, now a days there is such distinction. People go in group with males and females members to celebrate Bhailo and deusi both.

Fireworks also fill the skies despite a government ban on fire crackers.

4th day is Goru (Ox) Tihar, Govardhan Puja 

when the Newari community also performs Maha Puja dedicated to oneself. 

5th /The last day of Tihar is ‘Bhaitika’. 

On this day, sisters worship their brother for their long life. Using different colorful marks on their brothers’ forehead and putting garlands of flowers on their brother’ necks they celebrate this festival. 

History and Origin of Tihar:

There are several stories about the origin of Tihar festival. One of the most famous stories is the story of Yama, the god of death and his sister Yamuna.

Long ago, Yama Raj, due to his busy schedule, couldn't meet his sister Yamuna. Yamuna wanted to talk with her brother Yama Raj so she sent crow, dog, cow, ox and finally went to meet him herself. She asked her brother to do her a favour of meeting her at least one day in whole year. Yama Raj  accepted the favour and established 'Tihar' as a festival in which brothers and sisters get chance to meet with each other at least in the name of the festival.